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About Rhapsody Cavaliers in santan valley, AZ

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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My husband Louie and I were "dogless" for a long time, so when we were ready to bring a dog into our lives we searched for a toy breed that was predictably sweet and soft in nature. Of course, that ended up being a cavalier! In 2004 I brought home our little tri-color girl, Bridgette and we were hooked. They say they are like potato chips and no one can have just one-well that is so true! 


In 2005 we moved to Gilbert, Arizona and the first thing I did was join the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Arizona.  I continue to be a Cavalier breeder, and am very involved with the Cavalier world in general, serving on the Board of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club since I moved to Arizona in 2005 and participating in health clinics, club events and have served as chair and co-chair for our clubs specialty shows.

I have many people to thank in the cavalier world that have helped me with my journey, but there are two breeders in particular that have been instrumental. I have been honored with cavaliers from both of them, and they have always been there to help me with my many (and probably some pretty stupid) questions. Thank you to Karin Ostmann of Sheeba Cavaliers; and to Heidi Mohn of Covington Cavaliers. I am grateful to both of them for everything they have done for me.

In June 2018, we moved to a new home on 1.25 acres in Queen Creek, Arizona! Lots of room for our Cavaliers to run, jump, and play. Our new home is called "Rhapsody Ranch". 


They may be "couch potatoes"most of the time, but every day we play their two favorite things...Bubbles, and catch the toy!

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