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Rhapsody Ranch Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of Rhapsody Ranch. Everything is "about the dogs" from the enclosed front yard, to the dog room where they eat and sleep, to the large enclosed yard. When we do have puppies, they absolutely love the agility equipment area and the play gyms and teeters too. Back to the dog room, notice the "green stuff" in the pans with the puppies. Our puppies are litter box trained starting when they are 4 weeks old. They also get outside 7-8 times a day and are taught to go on the rock, not on the patio. And when they are outside, we sit and watch them much better and entertaining than TV!

Approaching Rhapsody Ranch, and enclosed front yard

entering rhapsody ranch

Living room, kitchen

dog room, puppy pen

Rhapsody Ranch back yard

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